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Mobile Hybrid
Battery Repair

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Hybrid Battery Repair specializes in repairing your defective hybrid battery pack at a reasonable cost. We are located in Los Angeles and service most Southern California areas. If your hybrid car has been diagnosed with a defective battery by the dealer or mechanic then we can help you with the repair of your hybrid battery. We repair Toyota Prius Hybrid Batteries for the years 2001-2009 and 2010-1015. We Also provide Hybrid Battery Service to other brands such as Honda, Lexus, Chevy, Kia, Hyundai, Infiniti, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Nissan.  Check out our 5 Star Reviews on Yelp for  Hybrid Battery Repair in Los Angeles

Featured Services for Toyota Prius 2004-2009 and 2010-2015

Service 1: For \$895 (2004-2009 only) we will install a reconditioned hybrid battery pack including replacing the defective links and other components. Service is complete with a 1 year Warranty. Extended Warranty available.  Mobile Service in Los Angeles Area is available. Please call 818-495-5235 for details and current prices.

Service 2: For $2195 we will rebuild the battery pack with Gen IV cells. Mobile Service and Extended warranties available up to 5 years. Please call 818-495-5235 for details and current prices.

We repair most hybrid vehicles. Give us a call!

Featured Services Choose your vehicle For Battery Replacement

Toyota CAMRY
Toyota Camry hybrid battery repair. We come to you with affordable service.
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Honda Civic
We love servicing Honda Civics in need of hybrid battery services.
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Toyota PRIUS
Your Toyota Prius can be running again with one of our featured services.
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Nissan Altima
Click here for Nissan Altima hybrid battery repair in Southern California
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Prius hybrid battery replacement los angeles

Prius hybrid battery replacement los angeles


“To anyone interested in saving lots of \$ on a replacement battery for your Prius I recommend Joe Hybrid Battery Repair. I have a 2006 Prius and at 207,500 miles I got an error code indicating the need to replace the main drive battery. The dealers wanted $3,800 minimum to replace the unit and two days. I contacted Joe and he was kind enough to drive an hour to my house and replaced the battery in less than 30 minutes for only \$1,000. I had already removed the seats making the swap easy and with the warranty I could not be happier. I have since logged over 3,000 additional miles without incident. Thanks Joe!” – Scott H. Mission Viejo, CA

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