Toyota Prius 2001-03











Oil Change With Free Car Wash

Oil Change: $25.99 Regular Oil, $55 Synthetic blend plus tax and recycling fee

Battery 12 Volt

Replacing the 12 Volt battery, $195 includes installation, 1 year warranty

Transmission Replacement

Replacing the transmission requires the whole transaxle to be replaced. We usually are able to find a low millage transaxle. Price : $1895 , depending on parts availabilty, call for updated prices.


$95 per axel. Includes parts and labor. Prake pads, Extra for rotor

Hybrid Inverter Replacement

Replacment of the Inverter Price : $995, 1 year warranty, This price may change depending on parts availability, Call for updated prices.

Engine Work / Replacement

We offer a variety of engine work including replacement, Engine Replacement price: $1700, Includes engine and labor