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What Our Customers Have to Say

Highly recommended. My girlfriend's 2001 Prius died at 140K miles. Toyota dealership were quoting $3000. I checked out used hybrid batteries, but most didn't offer installation or a warranty. Then found HybridBatteryRepair, which was extremely reasonable at about $1600 for a rebuilt battery . Included installation and 6 month warranty. He came to us and it took 1-2 hours for the installation. Also took the old battery off our hands. Prius has been running great since then! Very satisfied.

Chris B
Los Angeles
March, 2011

The only place to turn to when your Prius hybrid battery dies and the dealership tells you there's nothing they can do other than replace the entire battery for 3 f'ing grand. Joe was amazing. He got it all fixed up for less than half the dealership price. I'm back in the HOV lane again.

Howard W Sherman
May, 2011

Joe was a godsend! My hybrid broke down in Vegas, and I had to leave it there when I found out it was going to be 4 grand. Someone else tried to help me from long distance and I did get my car back for awhile before it went dead againand the guy did not stand behind his warranty! —— and then I came across JOE —- he drove all the way down from Sherman Oaks to Santa Ana with one of his batteries, gave me excellent service, bent over backwards testing everything, gave me a warranty, and is just an extrememely GREAT GUY!!! I would never hesitate in using him again, and if you are having trouble with your battery, and want to save money due to the dealer's greed — Joe is your guy!

Huntington Beach
June, 2011

I contacted Joe through the internet and he quoted me the best price on a reconditioned battery and installation for my 2002 Prius. He drove 100 mile from Los Angeles area to my home in Bakersfield and installed the Battery. He made sure it was operating correctly and that I was satisfied. He tolerated me helping him install it and answered all of my questions. I would recommend Joe as an honest and competent technician.

John W
Bakersfield, CA
June, 2011

My 2003 Prius has 150K miles and the engine light came on. I was told by the dealership that I needed a new hybrid battery and they quoted it would cost between 3 to 4 thousand dollars to replace. I just didn’t have the money to fix it and couldn’t go without a car. I did some online research to find out if it was possible to buy a used Prius battery. I found Hybrid Battery Repair and called to get more. Joe was extremely professional and educated about the Prius and the replacement of the battery. He came to my house the very next day and I paid him $1,599 and he replaced my battery. He was on time, clean, and very organized. He was done in about 2 hours and he went with me on a test drive to make sure the car was running properly before he left. My friends and relatives all advised against paying someone I didn’t know to work on my car so I remained skeptical and purposefully waited 6 months to make absolutely sure that his claims and work were worthy of my praise. I am happy to report that it has been 6 months and my Prius is running like new. I highly recommend this company if it has been proven that your hybrid battery needs replacing and you can’t afford a new battery.

Kristie L
Redondo Beach
August, 2011

To anyone interested in saving lots of $ on a replacement battery for your Prius I recommend Joe from [email protected]. I have a 2006 Prius and at 207,500 miles I got an error code indicating the need to replace the main drive battery. The dealers wanted $3,800 minimum to replace the unit and two days. I contacted Joe and he was kind enough to drive an hour to my house and replaced the battery in less than 30 minutes for only $1,000. I had already removed the seats making the swap easy and with the warranty I could not be happier. I have since logged over 3,000 additional miles without incident. Thanks Joe.

Scott H
Mission Viejo, CA
December, 2011

Highest Recommendation! While doing research for repairs on my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid I found that most sites I had run across were either not giving me a lot of hope or just didn’t feel right after contacting them. Then I found

Their services were mostly geared towards the Toyota Prius, but I happened to notice that Honda Civic's were on the list to be serviced in the future. I also read the 'Testimonials' section and saw plenty of rave reviews, so I took a chance and sent them an e-mail. Unlike the other sites, Joe contacted me with a couple of hours and had a battery for me at a MUCH better price then the other sites and especially the Honda dealer. He was friendly, direct and answered all of my many e-mails to him without any sign of annoyance. After a few weeks of my questioning, I felt comfortable with him and scheduled an appointment.

Joe was GREAT! We made an appointment for the next day and I was more than satisfied with the result. He met me at my work, did the installation in a little over an hour and all my engine lights went away! We took a test drive and my Civic is running great again thanks to him. Joe was extremely personable and professional. I can't recommend him highly enough!

Thank you Joe!

Jeff K
Los Angeles, CA
March, 2012

I wanted to take the time to especially thank you for your services. You were definitely heaven sent! I appreciate your professionalism and for expeditiously returning all my phone calls so promptly. This experience afforded a reputable dealer experience at a fraction of the cost. I have been driving my Camry now for the past two weeks and all is well. It's as if I'm driving a brand new car all over again. You all were amazing and you have definitely earned my business for all future repair services of my Camry. Driving the 90 miles to get to your shop is definitely worth the cost savings and piece of mind you gave me. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Dorothy G
Victorville, CA
July, 2012

The 2005 Prius battery replacement you did for me has worked out extremely well. It was WAY less money than the Toyota dealer wanted for a new one, and has been completely reliable after nearly a year of constant use and driving, almost 30,000 miles. I expect to get a lot more life out of it.

Pinon Hills CA
October, 2012

My GenII Prius Battery warning lights finally went on at $198,00 miles so called the stealerships only to be quoted $3,000 to $4,000. I shopped around and found Joe who installed a refurbished one for $899. They even drove to where I am instead of having me drive 30+ miles all the way to Sherman Oaks where they are based. The change was quick and 5,000 miles later I am still running on the battery good as new.

Leo C
Los Angeles
February, 2013

Thank you for coming all the way down to Garden Grove last week to replace my hybrid battery. I got the battery pack for $695. So far it is running great! Joe answer all of my questions and went above and beyond to assist me. If you never hear from me again, that means my car is doing great! Thanks again Joe!

Kim L
Garden Grove
March, 2013

Just got my battery exchanged on 3/28. Joe charged $795 (battery) + $100 (to come to San Diego). I was really in a pinch. The dealer wanted to charge me $3400 + tax. It was really difficult on deciding what to do. I felt this was a huge risk to have some guy from Yelp, work on such a highly technical part of my car. Joe was unable to come out, but sent a installer instead. So far I'm very satisfied with the battery and how everything went down. My MPG before the battery exchange was 42/43 now I'm getting 44 MPG. My battery seems to be propelling the electric motor more and improving my MPG. We will see if that last. My one complaint would be the warranty is a bit short 3 months 3,000 miles, but Joe said he would work with me if something happen down the road.

Tyson C
San Diego, CA
April, 2013

When your hybrid battery gives up the ghost, forget the dealer and call these guys. they're $2000 less and they come to your house and do the swap in a couple of hours. my 2001 Prius is running like new again!

Phil H
Santa Monica
May, 2013

Since then I have had zero issues with my car. This guy is trustworthy, affordable, and stands by his work. What more can you ask for in a mechanic? Due to the nature of the repairs I got from Hybrid Battery Repair I have waited a few weeks before reviewing. First I will go over what went wrong with my car: I drive a 2003 Prius. It had been having the Hybrid light come on at random times for a while, but I could always fix it by restarting the car 4 times (it was as if my car was a Microsoft product). One day this stopped working and I limped it to the dealership (stupid I know). The dealership let me know that the Inverter, Inverter cooling pump, and Hybrid Battery all needed to be replaced. This was to total over $7000. Needless to say I started shopping around. I found Hybrid Battery Repair here via some Google Fu, called Joe to let him know what I would be needing. Joe gave me a very reasonable quote at considerably less than half of what the dealership wanted. Being that this involved the inverter I would need to get the car up there. So I ordered a tow and got it up there. Joe fixed everything and dropped the car for me at my place of business in Santa Monica. Unfortunately the story doesn't end here. Within a week the light came back on. It was easily remedied by the restart trick (Prius by MS). Joe stands by his work! This guy is an A+ He sent his helper and the code read P3125 (Inverter). He wanted to recreate the issue and see the code in a non stored state. However it had driven over 200 miles since he fixed it and I knew from the last time it failed it could be extremely intermittent. We worked out that I would buy a code reader (a wise thing to have anyway) and I would call him the moment it happened again. I then cleared the code. It happened again after about another 400 miles. After calling and letting him know that the same code popped up again he was satisfied that the inverter was again an issue. Dropped the car off, he replaced it again at no cost.

Darren H
Long Beach, CA
March, 2014

I have finally found my new Auto Shop! After taking my Toyota Prius to 3 other places that said they can work on hybrids but really couldn\'t, i found these guys. I made an appointment for Fri morning, and they finished by 1pm. They had to fix my shifter and I was surprised they accomplished that so fast! I also got a great quote and ended up paying on the low end of the estimate. When I picked up my car, they had me test it out. It rolled slightly when in park and they ended up tweaking that before I left. They also recorded the process so I can see what they did and how they did it. He checked out everything, oil, breaks, battery and said all looked good and that my air filter is dirty but I can replace that when I get my next oil change. Which I will be doing here from now on! Honest, Good and Affordable.

Vanessa E
November, 2014

I took my Prius into the dealer and was told I needed a new battery at $3450. Ouch. I contacted Joe (after reading the awesome reviews on Yelp) and he gave me a very reasonable quote to repair the battery and offered to have someone come out that same day. I had them come out the next day. They came to San Diego (San Marcos) and were in and out in about an hour. They were very professional and friendly. A big thumbs up for Hybrid Battery Repair!

Phill C
San Marcos, CA
March, 2015

I used Hybrid Battery repair to get a replacement Hybrid battery for my 2002 Honda Civic Hybrid . It was a great experience all around and I highly recommend them. They saved me over $2K on my hybrid battery and came down to my house in San Diego (over 2 hours away) to make the switch! My IMA light came on about 9 months ago. I went to the dealer who quoted me a price of $3200 for a new battery. They told me that if I didn\'t change the battery I\'d notice some reduced MPG and eventually problems with power steering. Not wanting to spend that much money on a 12 year old car, I looked for alternatives of which there weren\'t too many. I found Joe and shot him an email. Joe responded immediately and said that he could help but that he didn\'t have a battery just then. (The business deals mostly with Priuses). We kept in touch via email and last week he contacted me to say that he had a good battery. We set up a date and a technician, Paul, contacted me to set up a time to come replace the battery. Paul and Shelley (another tech) drove 2 + hours down to my house. Paul kept me updated as to his ETA so that I didn\'t spend my day waiting around for him. Paul and Shelley were pleasant to deal with and capable making the switch in about 30 minutes. We took a test drive and I immediately noticed better power and MPH. Paul told me I should probably get 50K miles on the battery.The battery comes with at 90 day/3,000 mile warranty. Total cost: $1100. Hybrid Battery Repair saved me $2100! The battery was installed on 4/25/15 so just getting started but at the moment I\'m completely satisfied. I will update the post if anything changes.

John D
April, 2015

They saved my life when my 2007 Prius died on me. Joe is super nice and accommodating. His technicians are super professional. And the best thing is the price. You will end up paying at least half of what any other place in LA will quote you. They come to your house or wherever you are. I got my car repaired at work and didn\'t even need to miss one day. Great business! Give them a call

Mariana G
July, 2015

Joe is the freaking MAN! Got the job done for lower than anyone else quoted me and delivered to me even fast. I cant ask for a better experience. Thanks Joe!

September, 2016

To make a long story short my 2005 prius died on me on my way to work. While I was getting my car towed it was difficult finding a trusty repair shops in my area for my first hybrid car. I immediately did a quick Google search and found Joe\'s website. I decided to give him a call and he was very informative and concise. His prices were very competitive. At the time I called I had 2 options: A. A rebuilt battery for $795 w/ 6 month warranty guaranteeing 70k-100k miles or Option B. A rebuilt battery for $1795 w/ 2 year warranty guaranteeing almost the life of the vehicle. These were the prices as of 10/13/16. The best part of it all is that they come to your place to fix the car and to make things even better they literally repaired the battery within 30 mins! I mean I turned away for a sec and Paul the mechanic who has very nice & funny BTW… Took it for a test drive and everything was running perfectly. I don\'t know if it was a placebo effect but my dash is a lot brighter now and I gained approx 2-3 miles! I just want to thank Joe and the team! I definitely know where to go if I have hybrid battery issues and will continue to spread the word about these guys!

Earl C
October, 2016

When the time came to change the hybrid battery in my 2002 Prius in 2011, my Toyota dealer wanted twice what I ended up paying from the guys at They even came to my house and changed it in my driveway in just a few hours! They know what they're doing and the battery they put in was almost new. I've worked in R&D; with NiMH batteries and I know I got a great deal. Thank you,!

Wesley R F
San Diego, CA
August, 2018

I got the dreaded IMA light indicating the IMA battery needed to be replaced. I called my local Honda dealer and they wanted $3,500 to replace the battery with a re-conditioned battery! While surfing the net I came across Joe's add from Although he is located in North Hollywood he offered to come to my home in Huntington Beach. He drove out to my house on a weekend and replaced the battery with a rebuilt battery with all new cells. Although I no longer own the car I had no problems with the car until the day I sold it. Joe provides a great service at a fair price.

John B
Huntington Beach, CA
December, 2018