Just got my battery exchanged on 3/28. Joe charged $795 (battery) + $100 (to come to San Diego). I was really in a pinch. The dealer wanted to charge me $3400 + tax. It was really difficult on deciding what to do. I felt this was a huge risk to have some guy from Yelp, work on such a highly technical part of my car. Joe was unable to come out, but sent a installer instead. So far I'm very satisfied with the battery and how everything went down. My MPG before the battery exchange was 42/43 now I'm getting 44 MPG. My battery seems to be propelling the electric motor more and improving my MPG. We will see if that last. My one complaint would be the warranty is a bit short 3 months 3,000 miles, but Joe said he would work with me if something happen down the road.