I used Hybrid Battery repair to get a replacement Hybrid battery for my 2002 Honda Civic Hybrid . It was a great experience all around and I highly recommend them. They saved me over $2K on my hybrid battery and came down to my house in San Diego (over 2 hours away) to make the switch! My IMA light came on about 9 months ago. I went to the dealer who quoted me a price of $3200 for a new battery. They told me that if I didn\'t change the battery I\'d notice some reduced MPG and eventually problems with power steering. Not wanting to spend that much money on a 12 year old car, I looked for alternatives of which there weren\'t too many. I found Joe and shot him an email. Joe responded immediately and said that he could help but that he didn\'t have a battery just then. (The business deals mostly with Priuses). We kept in touch via email and last week he contacted me to say that he had a good battery. We set up a date and a technician, Paul, contacted me to set up a time to come replace the battery. Paul and Shelley (another tech) drove 2 + hours down to my house. Paul kept me updated as to his ETA so that I didn\'t spend my day waiting around for him. Paul and Shelley were pleasant to deal with and capable making the switch in about 30 minutes. We took a test drive and I immediately noticed better power and MPH. Paul told me I should probably get 50K miles on the battery.The battery comes with at 90 day/3,000 mile warranty. Total cost: $1100. Hybrid Battery Repair saved me $2100! The battery was installed on 4/25/15 so just getting started but at the moment I\'m completely satisfied. I will update the post if anything changes.