To make a long story short my 2005 prius died on me on my way to work. While I was getting my car towed it was difficult finding a trusty repair shops in my area for my first hybrid car. I immediately did a quick Google search and found Joe\'s website. I decided to give him a call and he was very informative and concise. His prices were very competitive. At the time I called I had 2 options: A. A rebuilt battery for $795 w/ 6 month warranty guaranteeing 70k-100k miles or Option B. A rebuilt battery for $1795 w/ 2 year warranty guaranteeing almost the life of the vehicle. These were the prices as of 10/13/16. The best part of it all is that they come to your place to fix the car and to make things even better they literally repaired the battery within 30 mins! I mean I turned away for a sec and Paul the mechanic who has very nice & funny BTW… Took it for a test drive and everything was running perfectly. I don\'t know if it was a placebo effect but my dash is a lot brighter now and I gained approx 2-3 miles! I just want to thank Joe and the team! I definitely know where to go if I have hybrid battery issues and will continue to spread the word about these guys!